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Carell Corporation, P.O. BOX 850, STAPLETON, AL 36578-0850, U.S.A.

Carell Corporation or Carell Corp. is your single source provider of superior quality bending machines and metal fabricating equipment designed for dependability and versatility. Carell Corp. provides and stocks; angle rolls, section benders, profile bending machines, CNC angle rolls, CNC section benders, CNC benders, ring rollers, pyramid rolls, universal roll benders, coiling machines, plate rolls, slip rolls, initial pinch rolls, three roll plate rolls, 3 roll plate rolls, four roll plate rolls, 4 roll plate rolls, cone rolling machines, hydraulic plate rolls, mechanical plate rolls, plate bending machines, ornamental bending machines, scroll benders, scrolling tools, bar twisters, picket twisting machines, ring forming machines, flange forming machines, fixed angle notchers, notching machines, corner notchers, variable angle notchers, rebar benders, rebar bending machines, rebar benders, rebar shears, rebar cutters, rebar fabricating machines, tube benders, pipe benders, CNC tube bending machines, mandrel benders, compression benders, rotary draw benders, bar working machines, horizontal presses, bulldozer presses, and manual benders. We manufacture and stock; tools for bending, tube rolls, pipe rolls, special tooling and custom tooling. We carry the following brand names;  Parmigiani, Famar, Simasv, Icaro, Sergi, CBC, Comac, Nargesa, Carell and others.


Phone: 251-937-0948 Fax: 251-937-0957
P.O. Box 850, 34225 U.S. Hwy 31 • Stapleton, AL 36578-0850, U.S.A

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